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  • Keith Hagan, Attorney

Did You Receive A Huge Medical Bill From Franciscan Hospital? We May Be Able to Help.

HLO has recently been contacted by a number of Clients who've received hospital bills from Franciscan Hospital for visits in 2019 where they were charged much more than they should have been. In some cases six times more than the hospital was allowed to charge.

And it's hard to know if you were overcharged - all you know is the bill looks enormous. But that's our department. We know how to find out if Franciscan charged you more than they are allowed. It's what we do here at HLO!

If you've received a bill from Franciscan Hospital this year, don't assume they're charging you what they're allowed. Even if you have insurance and your plan has covered part of it.

Contact HLO at (317) 531-4575 and let us review your bill. Our initial consultation is free of charge and in some cases we may be able to represent you for a reduced fee - and in some cases for free.

Don't wait. Protect yourself, your bank account, your credit, and your peace of mind.

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